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Lupane Women's Centre

Pictures_Latest_064LUPANE WOMEN'S CENTRE (LWC) is a non-profit making, non- partisan organization with a current membership of 3513 members of who 2990 are women. Membership stretches all over the 28 wards of the Lupane District. The Centre serves as a focal point for the women bent on empowering themselves socially and economically. This is done through skills, business and leadership training resulting in the establishment of income generating activities with the hope of running small enterprises. The Centre supports members through Training, Information and Marketing. Membership is open to all women and marginalized groups of Lupane District. The Centre has a Board of Trustees and is a registered Trust.

Our Logo


Lupane Women’s Centre logo depicts a woman poised for her own emancipation but still has a lot of work to do to achieve her goals as she is encircled. However she has seen the light and is determined to break free of all the issues that cause her to be downtrodden. The Lupane Women’s Centre, therefore aims to empower the women in the district of Lupane.

Our Vision is of a prosperous Lupane where women enjoy dignified lives and are recognized as equal partners in societal development.


Our Mission

"Lupane Women's Centre strives to be an effective and sustainable community owned and driven facilitator of the economic and social development of the women of Lupane and other marginalized groups."

Our Core Values

  1. Teamwork
  2. Resourcefulness
  3. Creativity
  4. Determination
  5. Integrity
  6. Equity


Goal of Our Work

The Women at the Centre believe that, ‘All prosperity is in our hands’, ‘Inotho isezandleni’ is a theme that guides all our work. The overall goal is to be a focal point for the women and community of Lupane District that aims

to empower women; improve their standard of lives through sustainable socio-economic, cultural interactions and to develop their capacities in knowledge, skills, health (especially HIV/AIDS, maternal health, malaria etc.),

nutrition, economic, legal issues, as well as environmental matters.


The Centre identifies a baseline in each area, set targets and work towards achieving an improved livelihood.

Members are then capacitated to run their projects while supervised by the Centre. All the efforts are towards achieving a business minded membership who run their projects as business units.


Main Functions of LWC

The Centre works with members by providing ; Training, Information and Marketing in a bid to alleviate poverty. In a bid to fulfill these functions the Capacity Building Officer works with members in

capacitating the women in all areas of their projects, while the Crafts Coordinator is responsible for the production of craft and the Marketing Officer carries the Information and Marketing function. The Accountant is responsible for all accounting while the Business Development Officer is responsible for all fundraising through Income Generation Projects within the Centre. The Manager Mrs. Hildigard Mufukare carries the internal day to day Monitoring and Evaluation function the Community and Incoming generating projects with all officers reporting to her.


Impact of LWC Projects

The Centre assesses the impact of all the projects by the change in the lives of each member. The income going to each member each month is critical in all projects and how members utilize their income. While members continue using their income for day to day needs like educating children and improving nutrition in their families several long term development ideas have been explored with members and the results have been phenomenal;

The Kitchen projects where women were encouraged to improve the structure of their kitchens , the equipment and cutlery. Members went on to embark on the buy a livestock programme with some buying goats, donkeys and cattle. This programme has improved the status of women in their families as they have gained respect that has been absent in the past. Currently the women are working on a Build a home programme with a target to improve the structure, sanitation and general outlook in their homes.


Over the years members can been able to have a portfolio of projects that help them to raise up to USD200 each month and they have been encouraged to be consistent in their work. An example of Gladys Ngwenya who is married and had no livestock can be sited. She is a weaver earning on average USD30 per month, has a keyhole garden which gives her USD20 per month. She has an indigenous chicken project where she can raise USD25 each month and a goat project where she could sell 1 goat every 3 months raising an income of USD20 per month. She is also employed part time in the Centre’s irrigation project and she earns USD40 each month. In the 2013 Centre Show the weaver was able to win an ox drawn plough and wheel barrow, total worth USD160 an average of USD15 per month. Averagely this member has been able to raise USD150 per month for the development of her home where she lived with her husband. Today she has been able to adopt 2 children from families near hers.


Mrs Ngwenya showing off her basketMr and Mrs Ngwenya show off an ox drawn plough and a wheel barrow

Some of the members have been able to start building projects that will see an improvement in their homes.Member and spouse pose in from of their new house that is under construction




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VRS Media is proud to be associated with the Lupane Women's Centre. Our two brands WECOEMP and the MDG Review dovetails perfectly with Lupane Women’s Centre’s vision and Mission. As part of our social responsibility, we aim to promote the work these women do through the various platforms we’ve developed to promote sustainable development in developing countries.

“Lupane occupies a special place in my heart, and I believe empowering the women of Lupane is going to be one of the success stories in years to come.”

Dennis S Jubane
Managing Director VRS Media